About Us

The phenomenal journey of Al-Jameh Group since 1991 was to serve the ever demanding Oil, Gas & Power Industries in Kuwait and in the Middle East. It was a saga of diverse interests through changing times, changing needs and changing technology. Last two decades passed by is rich in history and full of experiences that tells the success story of the Company. Al-Jameh Group has been providing supplies and services to various business organizations in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Afghanistan .


Keeping up the zeal to excel, Our Contracting and Fabrication Division has executed a number of Civil works and Mechanical Fabrication Projects for Oil, Gas and Power Industries as well as the Kuwait Private Sector.


Our Medical Division is registered with the Ministry Of Health. We focus on supplying advanced technology medical equipment and devices to hospitals, health care institutions and professionals.


Our Trading Division has executed wide range of material supplies to the Oil, Gas and Power Industries and United States Army units and its Sub Contractors in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Al- Jameh has Professional Associates in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and India who form an integral part of our operations. 

Al-Jameh Group has a proven track record of being faithful and efficient in carrying out various Supplies, Projects and Services to our clients globally.  


Al-Jameh Group along with our global partners has shown efficiency globally in providing highly qualified and professional human resources from India, Bangladesh, Philippines etc. thus becoming an active partner in the global growth of its client organizations.